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Repairing your bad credit can save you money!

Is your credit in need of repair? There are three ways to repair your credit. The first is to do it yourself (inexpensive, if you know what you're doing). The second is to hire someone to do it for you (much more expensive). The third, and best way, is with our Free system. In either case bad credit can be fixed!

  • Our Free Credit Repair System is simple to follow and includes benefits that are unique to the industry.
  • No other do-it-yourself solution offers a Guide and tracking forms at no cost to you!
  • If you decide to hire someone to repair your credit, you can expect to pay up-front fees as well as monthly fees.

Using our Credit Repair System is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Repairing your credit is only minutes away! Receive our Free Guide immediately after your request via email!

Consumers told us they want guidance - without confusion. They asked for a simple solution, and we listened! Now we've made repairing bad credit as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Order your credit report and determine the information that needs to be addressed and disputed.
  2. We have composed over 70 different form letters for you to easily use and send to the appropriate agencies.
  3. Establish new credit and monitor your credit to ensure successful improvements.

Since we made the process easy to understand and follow, you'll be more likely to succeed. That's our goal, to make your credit repair as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Fixing Credit Problems

FREE Credit Repair Kit.

The Cost Of Bad Credit

See how the cost of an unfavorable credit rating drives up your home mortgage and auto loan.

Causes Of Bad Credit

Credit reporting errors can damage your credit report. Learn what these credit reporting errors are.


Thanks for your Credit Repair System. I'd been unable to obtain a home loan due to getting over-extended financially. By following the steps in your System, I was able to rebuild my credit rating and buy my first home. Thank you!

Mike, Evanston, IL